Another beautifully printed copy of our magazine has just landed on my desk as scheduled. I’d like to thank Printgraphics for the consistently excellent print service you have provided. It is always prompt, high quality and reliable print job with impressive quality control in place and reassuring environmental policies. And of course customer service second to none in my experience.

Australian Solar Council – Magazine


Fantastic Job, I was so impressed with the print quality, and shall recommend you to anyone else I know who is embarking on print jobs.

RMIT Link Arts & Culture


It’s a pleasure to collaborate with you on so many wonderful issues, and I wanted to thank you for always putting so much heart and thoughtfulness in each of our magazines.

Dumbo Feather


We are extremely happy with the printing of the magazine!

Beloved Syria


I just wanted to say thanks very much for your great work in turning the November issue of Ecolibrium and the AIRAH wall planner around so quickly. Both look awesome, thank you.

Importantly, the delivery has made it to the mail house in time for the November issue to be posted on time.

Your professionalism and customer service is very much appreciated.



Many thanks for delivering this job last Thursday. It looks fantastic. Great Job Printgraphics as per usual.



Thanks for the quick turnaround with the printing of Southland Edition 5 Catalogue! We are very happy with the printing, the quality, the colours are vibrant and overall its great!

SouthLand Supply


I love the supporter Newsletter. I like it flat and folded. I don’t think I’ve ever printed anything on that sort of thin dewsy stock before and it’s great. The print quality, even on that sort of stock, is just out of this world, so thank you. You’re a great asset to have on our team!

Animals Australia


I was able to show off the new Hamilton Catalogue at the conference and received a great response from all. It looks fantastic!



Thank you for the fantastic printing job on the My Melbourne Books. The cover stock and embossing are both beautiful, and the quality of the printing really adds a lot to the product

My Melbourne Books