PDF preparation

When providing artwork to Printgraphics, our preferred format is PDF/X-1a. For best results, download and install the job option file (zipped for easier download).


To export a hi-res PDF from InDesign, view the below link.

Exporting a hires pdf from indesign.pdf

Apple Mac
If the file ‘PDFX1a_2001_Printgraphics.joboptions’ is not already on your system the file should be copied to the ‘Settings’ folder contained in the ‘Adobe PDF’ folder. See the Example below:
Mac Hardrive\Library\Application Support\Adobe PDF\ Settings.

If you are using a PC then find your Settings Folder for Acrobat and copy the file into there. See the Example below:
C:\Documents and Settings\AllUsers\Documents\Adobe PDF 6.0\ Settings Folder.


Your checklist

  • Have you included all screen and printer fonts used on both your document and within any supported files imported into your document?
  • If you are supplying native InDesign files please export an IDML version as well. This overcomes version compatibility with InDesign. Choose File > Export > Format: IDML
  • Have you supplied all supported graphics files – EPS, TIFF, JPEG, etc.
  • All images supplied for 4 colour printing must be CMYK not RGB.
  • Have you deleted unnecessary colours not used in document from colour palette?
  • Have you supplied a composite FINAL laserproof?


Art considerations

Creep occurs when the pages of a saddle stitched book becoming progressively shorter in width as you progress towards the centre of the book.

It is more evident on saddle stitched books 32pp and over. For example an 80pp book on 115gsm Art paper would have approximately 4mm creep.

Check our online “Weight and Creep Calculator” for approximations of creep in different circumstances.

We recommend the supply of a dummy prior to the design to check for creep. Call Printgraphics to arrange.

Printgraphics requires 3mm bleed – minimum

Critical Image
This is an image that is critical to the job such as type, folios, headings, etc. We recommend that the critical image is 3mm from trim on non-bound jobs & 5mm from trim on bound jobs.

Spine Width
Check spine width with Printgraphics on perfect bound, burst bound and section sewn drawn on cover books. Consider in the design the effect if the cover varies from calculated width.

Allow 8mm for drilling from trim

Allow 8mm for wire.